Post-Release Patches/What’s Next

We’re three weeks post-launch of Draw & Guess 2.0 and have been hard at work deploying waves of patches with various fixes, improvements, and new features. We’ve heard a ton of feedback from the community from new and experienced players and are now reaching a point where we can really start to expand on the new foundation we’ve built.

There are a few key features that we want to prioritise in the coming months: New game mode (Robot Mode Battle Royale… Name TBD), Twitch mode for Stage with chat integration, Moderation settings, and Player Trust scores.

Leaving/AFKing in games, griefing with drawing/guessing, and generally unsportsmanlike behaviour ruin matches for others. Player Trust scores in particular will help players enjoy more consistently high-quality games. We should also highlight that we won’t punish players for experiencing occasional technical issues, such as disconnects/hardware issues.

In the coming months we will be detailing a more refined roadmap to give an early look at the features (and upcoming game modes) we’ll be working on – as always we’re listening to your feedback, if there’s anything you’d like to see in a future update, head over to our Discord community and let us know!

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