Draw & Guess in the media

IGN Japan

Nowadays, the time at home has increased due to the influence of the new coronavirus, and video games are receiving a lot of attention. Last year, it was one of the events that symbolized the video game industry in 2020 that games such as “Among Us” and “Phasmophobia” that mainly communicate with each other became popular due to the transmission of streamers


The Steam charts are a wild place, and you never know what might suddenly start bubbling to the top. You might get a stampede in an older Battlefield game, a surge in a long-running MMO, or a massively popular beta for an upcoming Amazon-published game. Still, I was not expecting a multiplayer game about, er, drawing and guessing to explode into Steam’s top 25.


The drawing message game ” Draw & Guess ” has become a new trend on Steam. The number of simultaneously connected players at the peak exceeds 35,000, and the number of simultaneously connected players within the last 24 hours ranks within the 25th place, which is a good work. Drawing games are a genre that exists in many browsers and app games, both in Japan and overseas. Meanwhile, this work is showing a mysterious excitement.

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