Draw & Guess Revamp OUT NOW!!!!

After 2 years in the works and many teasers, we’re happy to share a major update for Draw & Guess. This update includes an entire rework of our UI, new features such as match history/sketchbook, and a bunch more! This won’t be a sequel, but a FREE update for everyone!

We’re also releasing characters and skins available for a little extra if you wish to support the continued development of Draw & Guess as we expand into new game modes/features.

✨ As a thank you for all the support shown to us over the years, we will be adding 850 Ink to the accounts of all players who purchased Draw & Guess before the update.

Here’s what awaits you!

Game Modes

We’ve adjusted the names and looks of game modes but don’t worry, the gameplay remains the same!


Wordlists are now hosted on our own server and you can create, edit, and subscribe to wordlists on the go while inside the game.


If you want to let your creativity flow on your own with no constraints, the Sketchbook will allow you to work on your masterpieces at any time.

It’s now possible to view all drawings from previous matches, download them, or even continue working on them in-game. Long gone are the days you had to quickly screenshot something you wanted to save.

New Tools

Colour Palettes

Quick and easy way to have all your favourite colours at hand. Save your palettes and have them always available when playing!


Can you imagine having 3 layers to plan around your lobby creations? Well, no need to imagine, it’s available now!


You can now choose between 16 characters to stand out among the crowd! They’re fully animated and available across all game modes.

We are commited to maintaining the active development of new game modes across Draw & Guess, to make this possible, we are introducing additional characters + skins as part of an optional monetisation system that does not impact gameplay.

We will never block additional features such as game modes, modifiers, or other tools behind a paywall – we believe this solution allows us to continue to offer Draw & Guess at a low price, while also allowing players who wish to support us the opportunity to invest in networking, new unique game modes, and a whole host of new features we’re sure you’ll love.

Everyone will have Tomoko and Gus available instantly, and you can unlock AL4N, Wanderer, Zoey and Mei by playing the different game modes!

New Language

In addition to English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Polish, and Chinese – we now have the game fully available in Portuguese!

What’s next?

This revamp is just the beginning! We’ll be sharing a more detailed roadmap after release, though with this milestone out of the way, we’ll be shifting our focus to:

  • New game modes (e.g. Battle Royale, Animation, etc)
  • Mobile release with cross-play PC support
  • Trust score system for players that frequently abandon/grief games
  • Dedicated Twitch Integration
  • and more!

Lastly, we wanted to thank everyone who supported us while working on Draw & Guess so far. We’re extremely happy that you give us the opportunity to continue development of the game so that we’re able to further improve the gameplay experience for our amazing fanbase.

Thank you,


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